Engaging Girls in Ubiquitous Intelligence and Computing (GUIC) through Constructivist Learning Environment

NSF Funded ITEST Project


GUIC Summer Camp

The five-week GUIC Summer Camp aims to train 40 students entering Grade 7-12 in Arduino programming and robotics design as well as integration of these tools to conduct projects in ubiquitous intelligent systems in tiered teams co-mentored by college students and STEM teachers. The summer camp includes three-week training and two-week project development. The image below shows some projects completed by students attending our last GUIC summer camp. The tentative agenda for Year 2023 is listed below. The detailed scheduled will be posted soon.

· May 19 afternoon: In person kickoff meeting
· Week 1 (May 23-26): Vex V5 Robotics Design
· Week 2 (May 30-Jun. 2): Vex V5 Robotics Design
                                    Arduino and Internet of Things
· Week 3 (Jun. 5-9): Arduino and Internet of Things
· Week 4 (Jun. 12-16): Engineering Project Development
· Week 5 (Jun. 19-24): Engineering Project Development and Demonstration

Training Courses

Each training course is composed of lecture and lab exercises. The students will conduct the Arduino design labs using the IoT design kits and the robotics labs using the robotics design kits developed by our project team. The syllabus of each training course will be posted soon.

· Arduino Programming and IoT Design
· Vex V5 Robotics Design

Sample Engineering Projects

The engineering projects are carefully designed to address different aspects of ubiquitous intelligence and computing fields targeting smart city applications including 1) smart citizen services, 2) intelligent transportation system, and 3) intelligent energy planning. In addition, VEX V5 based projects are also available. Sample projects can be found here.

· Smart Citizen Services
· Intelligent Transportation System
· Intelligent Energy Planning

Student Eligibility

All CCSD students, of any gender, entering Grade 7-12 in Fall 2023 are eligible to attend the summer camp.

If you have any question about the summer camp, please contact Dr. Mei Yang, Email: Mei.Yang@unlv.edu, Phone: (702) 895-2364 or Dr. Shaoan Zhang, Email: Shaoan.Zhang@unlv.edu.

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